Superstar Coconut Products Co., Inc.
Superstar Coconut Products Co., Inc.

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    Desiccated Coconut

    Desiccated coconuts are produced when coconuts are de-shelled, pared, washed, cut, blanched, dried, and sieved, producing bright white bits bursting with natural coconut flavor. It is available in six different calibrated cuts to suit every customer's needs.

    Coconut Water

    Coconut water is extracted from coconut, which are then processed using certified methods to preserve its natural taste, aroma and nutrients. Regular and organic variants are available, as well as flexible packaging options to meet different types of demands.

    Coconut Milk Powder

    Our coconut milk powder is made from our country's finest coconuts. Fresh coconut milk is spray dried, creating a fine powder rich with coconut flavor and packed with numerous health benefits.

    Virgin Coconut Oil

    Our VCO are derived from desiccated coconut using heatless mechanical extraction. The oil passes through a series of filters, resulting in a sparkling clear liquid packed with vitamins, nutrients, taste, and aroma of pure coconuts. It is availble in regular and organic variants.

    Coconut Water Concentrate

    Superstar Coconut Water Concentrate is the result of draining and concentrating coconut water using a semi-automatic triple effect evaporator. Once collected, it is frozen immediately to maintain the natural flavor and aroma of fresh coconut water.

    Banana Chips

    Our banana chips are made from mature "saba" bananas (musa sapientum var. acuminata). The bananas are sliced or broken down before being topped off with a sprinkling of banana flavor to enhance its natural flavor. Both sweetened and unsweetened variants are available.

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