Superstar Coconut Products Co., Inc.
Superstar Coconut Products Co., Inc.

  • Our History

    This is how we started

    In 1988, a Chinese businessman established Superstar Coconut Products Co. Inc. to produce high quality desiccated coconut in various shapes and sizes. The company committed to providing excellent products and services, prioritizing customer satisfaction every step of the way. With this mindset, Superstar Coconut Products Co., Inc. slowly but surely became a trusted supplier for companies all over the world. 

    Not wanting to become complacent with their success and good fortune, the owners of Superstar Coconut Products Co., Inc. decided to expand their product line to include coconut milk powder, which found a strong market in Europe where fresh coconut milk was not readily available. In 2010, they continued on the path of growth by establishing Superstar Banana Products, Inc., which began manufacturing and exporting high quality banana chips. 

    A couple of years later, the health trend fueled a rise in demand for coconut water and Superstar Coconut Products Co., Inc. quickly seized the opportunity by producing coconut water and frozen coconut water concentrate. At present, the most recent addition to their product line is high quality virgin coconut oil due to its growing worldwide demand.